Clean and Safe Water Initiatives       


The Campaign:

KUTIBU NI GHARAMA, ZUUIA” – Safe Water, Better Health, Improved Production

The  Solutions:

§         Personal Water Filters

§         Household Water Filters

§        Kisima (Maji Ya Chumvi) Water Filters

§       Commercial Water Filters

§       Community Water Filters



Water Harvesting and Storage


The Campaign:

“WATER FOR FOOD SECURITY” – Water – Food –Nexus


 The  Solutions:

·         Catchment– Rain Gutters, Water Harvesting Tanks

·         Conveyance  – Plumbing Works

·         System washing – Cleaning/Maintenance of Gutters and Tanks(Collection and Storage)

·         Storage   – Cisterns and/or Tanks

·         Purification – Includes filtration for irrigation and potable use

·         Distribution – Solar and Electric Water Pumps


Water Resource and Supplies Management


The Campaign:

“Better Management Of Local Water Resources”Well Managed Water Resources for a Water Secure Future


The  Solutions:

§      Water Distribution and System Maintenance

§       Mapping and Revival of Stalled Water Projects

§       Assessment and Advise to Community Water projects

§       Water Well Manual Drilling

§      Ground Water Recharging


Water Use, Reuse and Smart Quality Monitoring


The Campaign:

Reduce the Stress, Reuse” – Recycle to lessen demands and stress on freshwater supply.

The  Solutions:

·         Home Water Recycling

·         Institutional Water Recycling

·         Industrial Water Recycling

·         Water Testing






WASH Education and Knowledge Dissemination


The Campaign:

“Water Knowledge= Water Security”Water Knowledge for Improved Water Stewardship

The  Solutions:

§        Multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach

§       Cognitive, Socio-emotional and Behavioral Learning

§       WASH in schools programs

§       Interactive online activities

§        Voluntary/Free public gathering education

§       Water Stewardship Programs



SDG6 Championing



The Campaign:

“WORKING TOWARDS THE REALIZATION OF GOAL6”Evidence Based Progress Score Cards in all Sectors

The  Solutions:

§         Inclusion of Goal6 Indicators in all tiers of our work

§        Advocacy for mainstreaming of Goal6 in organizational business models

§       Goal6 Presentation and Representation

§       Volunteer Collaborations in Goal6 Activities