Japmor Enterprise is a Social Venture duly founded in the Republic of Kenya in the year 2009.

At Japmor, our work is all about a product called “WATER”.  We promote water as an essential enabler and connector in safeguarding a sustainable and

resilient future for all. We are fully committed to bringing localized, affordable and innovative water solutions to the last mile through our 6 tiered approaches.


 By engaging in purposeful collaborations and partnerships in matters water, we create a bridge in issues of health, education, energy, environment, economic, gender empowerment, disaster relief and many development concerns



To handle water as a key component in tackling Social, Health, Education and Environmental needs using blended – value business model.




Partnering to Positively Impact Humanity in areas of common and basic needs through provision of Localized, Affordable, Life Changing  and Sustainable

Water Solutions.